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producerfights's Journal

Reason Tennis
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Do you produce?
Can you fight?
Have you ever listened to Mike & Richie - Expert Knob Twiddlers?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this community is for you. Producer Fights is for all the producers out there interested in taking part in a series of collaborations against other producers. Reason Tennis, remix contests, ping-pong, whatever.

Find an opponent, define allowed external gear, set the time limit on serves, set the number of serves, and post an RNS file after each serve for the other users to rate.
ambient, aphex twin, cf-101, collaborations, comp-01, d-11, ddl-1, dr. rex, drum and bass, ecf-2, electronic music, fights, gear lust, glitch hop, hip hop, house, idm, illbient, jungle, malstrom graintable synthesizer, nn-xt, nn19, peq-2 matrix pattern sequencer, ph-90, prefuse 73, production, propellerheads, reason, rebirth, rebirth input machine, recycle, redrum, rv-7, tb-303, techno, trance, turntablism