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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Subject:beatmaker Screw freestyle
Posted by:miama.
Time:10:18 pm.
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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Posted by:peter_north.
Time:2:56 pm.
This is why I won't miss the turntables....

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

Posted by:peter_north.
Time:2:18 am.

Almost Midnight - Brighton Trash Dept.
Atomic - Unknown
Rowland the bastard - Love's gotta hold of my gonads
Ben Balaphonic - SUF55 - That "they gave you what?... LSD" one
DAVE the Drummer - Hydraulics 13.1
ASYS - From past to future
Pharmacy - Havok 16
Mark Tyler - Supervision
Johnny Sideways - Dirt01
Audio pancake - Ready for this?
Lawrie Immersion - Route 5/Lock
Geezer and Mark Tyler - Re-entry 5
Geezer - Raw 14
Marco Zafarno - Girls and Boys
Geezer - Raw 9 (get fresh)
Nick Sentience - Ride the groove


Trailer Trash - Winebago Warriors
DAVE the Drummer - Hydraulix 13.2
AD - Hoochie Mamma
Geezer - Raw 20
DAVE the Drummer - Hydraulix 21
Mr Burns and Geezer - Skank01 Acid Junkie
Geezer - Routemaster 46
Mark Tyler - Re-entry 8
Geezer - Freak (Stay Up Forever)
Dirty Blonde - Havok 24
Unknown - Smitten
Fuck with the Programme (Stay up Forever remix)
Mobile Dogwash - Dirt03
Unknown - Unknown
Ian M - Crazy Pills (VC)


It's fucking Dark - Fabulous 23's
Dirty Dancing - Ant
Fearless - John Truelove
Unknown - Cluster
Skankadelic 4 - Mr Burns and Geezer
Santa Pod Remix - Ant
Brands Hatch - Geezer
Don't Talk, Just Listen - DAVE the Drummer
Acid Disco - DAVE the Drummer
So Powerful - Mark Gray
Just Listen - Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood
The Razors Edge - RR Fierce
Surrounded by dogs - Chris Impact
Rock the House - Weirdo


Funky Old Cortina - Carbine
Smiley Acid - Mr Burns and Geezer
Species - K90 & Mark Tyler
Conform, obey, consume - Getafix
One night in a village in kent - Dynamo City
Ketaminated - Getafix
We like it - Guy Mcaffer
Underground Wave - Arkatek
Skankadelic 7 - Mr Burns and Geezer
Dirty Dancing Remix - Ant
One night in Hackney - Dynamo City
Fuck Goa - Geezer
Unacceptable Interferance - Cyber Steve
Dirty Dancing - The Imposters
Squat 4 - Jeff Amadeus


Feel The dirty - Ant
Hydraulix 24 - Alex Calver
Atomic 5 - Guy Mcaffer
Go bezerk - Alex Calver
Skank 9 - Mr Burns
Fearless - Truelove
Bitch Rock - Dirty Blonde
Skank 6 - Mr Burns
Re-Entry 5 - Mark Tyler
Fuck Goa - Audio Pancake
Check one - Audio Pancake
Underground Wave - Arkatek
Havok 28 - Geezer
Just listen - DAVE the Drummer
Brands Hatch - Geezer


Overdose - Rozzers Dog
Skank7 Mr Burns
Savaloy EP - Geezer (Wah Wah)
Levels of conciousness SUF RMX - Skankadelic
Skank3 - Mr Burns
Skank1 - Mr Burns
Skank9 - Mr Burns
Fuck Goa - Audio Pancake
Havok 28 - Geezer
Nothing can save us London - Star Power RMX
Unlucky Punk - DAVE the Drummer
Unacceptable Interferance - Cyber Steve
Havok 10 - Mick Beatle/Slayer


Inner city Junkies - Lawrie Immersion
Fuck Goa - Geezer
International Resue - Lawrie Immersion
Swarfega - Chris Liberator
Murder was the bass - DK8
Hydraulix 24b - Alex Calver
1999 Flakey Gigs - DAVE the Drummer
Feel the Dirty - Ant
New Cross - Geezer
Freak Show - Rowland the Bastard
Nightmare - Berio 303
Lock - Lawrie Immersion
Acid Aftermath - Chris E Manic
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Thursday, February 5th, 2004

Subject:Anyone up for LAPTOP BATTLE ?
Posted by:coji.
Time:1:55 am.


I think it'd be awesome if you could check this opportunity out.
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Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

Subject:Motherload Fight
Posted by:gl1tch.
Time:5:57 pm.

Me vs. ?

You must use the break from Motherload - Softshell as part of your percussion track. It doesn't matter how you mangle & mix it.

Tempo: Whatever

Software & Hardware: Whatever (Im using Reason 2.5)

Fight Duration: One Week
Lets kick this off, any takers??
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Subject:winners take all..
Posted by:lesnuits.
Time:1:02 am.
so what's going on in here?

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